Communication Assessment

Are any of the scenarios below representative of communication challenges you face in your organization?


  • Do individuals or groups within your organization suffer from poor morale or discontent?
  • Are you lacking a paper trail for decision-making?
  • Do individual’s within your organization clearly understand the mission and values that drive the work to be done or do people seem to go their own direction without thought for the bigger picture?
  • Does feedback travel in the form of a hierarchy or in a 360o pattern?
  • Is follow-up and follow-through happening consistently throughout the organization?


  • Are you reaching your target market?
  • Is the message your organization communicates relevant to your target market or are you casting out a broad net in the hopes of reaching your target market?
  • Are your marketing dollars driven to a particular offering, or are they spread evenly to promote all you have to offer?
  • Is your organization visible or invisible within the community you serve?
  • Does the organization have a plan for how to reach your target market or are money, time and effort given to whatever ideas land on the table?

IGC Solutions can help by providing a comprehensive Communication Audit and Assessment.  

  • Either independently or working collaboratively with a core group within the organization, the Communication Audit will include:
  • Identifying current communication tools and how they are used
  • A qualitative assessment to determine preliminary areas of strength and weakness/areas of improvement
  • A quantitative assessment of the target audience to determine effectiveness of the current tools along with receptiveness to any new ideas generated in the preliminary investigation
  • Full analysis of the data
  • Interpretation of the data and a full reporting to include the findings and recommendations for improvement
  • IGC Solutions will also assist clients with implementation upon request

"The strategies and tools provided were extremely helpful in giving us direction and ways to accomplish the work."   Sue Strohm, Board President, Camp Allegheny