Leadership Development

Do these challenges sound familiar?      


  • Is your non-profit organization struggling to maintain its membership?
  • Is volunteerism and energy for the organization diminishing?
  • Are leadership positions always held by the same individuals or groups of individuals?
  • Are there opportunities for personal and/or professional growth within the organization?
  • Do committees have clearly outlined responsibilities or are they outdated?
  • Is there a comprehensive Leadership Handbook that clearly outlines the work of the organization?
  • Are committees doing the work that is outlined in the organization’s by-laws or has the purpose or goals of a committee changed from what is written in such documents?
  • Does everyone in the organization have a clear understanding of what the organization is about?
  • Is your organization making the most of today’s technology or are you still doing things “the same way we’ve always done it?”

The leadership challenges listed are a few examples of challenges many non-profit organizations face today.  IGC Solutions can help your organization meet and overcome these challenges through:

  • Assessing the current status
  • Identifying organizational strengths and weaknesses
  • Facilitating discussions to address or problem-solve weaknesses specific to:
  • Mentoring future leaders
  • Increasing volunteerism
  • Improving organizational participation
  • Creating/re-vamping Committee and Leader Job Descriptions
  • Maximizing efficient communication within the organization
  • Improve upon organizational strengths
  • Creating or updating the organizational Leadership Handbook
  • Providing full and complete written assessment with recommendations


"I highly recommend Intergenerational Communication Solutions. Terrie was organized, courteous, and very knowledgeable. She did an outstanding job helping our organization to amend its by-laws."  Pam Subler, Thomas Worthington Band Boosters

Terrie Huston led ORTA’s volunteer committees in a restructuring of their duties and leadership handbook.  Her efforts & commitment to this project produced outstanding results for our organization.   Terrie has great organizational skills & she was able to motivate & energize our members.  Our committees are currently meeting under the new guidelines.  Since they are focusing on the ideas & programs of the chapters (& not the report writing) members seem to have more interaction with each other & share some enthusiasm for the ideas & content.”  Ann Hanning, Executive Director, Ohio Retired Teacher’s Association