Strategic Planning

  Do these strategy challenges sound familiar?

We have a vision/mission but seem to be stuck on how to implement.
Board members complain that they spend too much time discussing things that don't matter.
If asked, “what was the vision, mission or strategy for your organization?” would Board or organizational members know what these were?
The work of the organization doesn't seem to align with the Strategic Plan?
There is a lack of energy for the work of the organization because things seem stale or out of touch with the realities of the current culture and environment.



Appreciative Inquiry is a process that delves into an organization’s past and present to identify best practices based on the organization’s core values.  IGC Solutions consultants can facilitate your core leaders through the process of:

  • Identifying where the organization has been – what has made it great
  • Identifying where the organization is today
    • What are the real or perceived obstacles
    • What does the organization do well
  • Identifying industry-related best practices
  • Determining five or six key action areas to grow and develop
  • Creating purpose statements for each action area
  • Creating action plans for each area
  • IGC Solutions then provides clients with the full report along with instructions for annual re-evaluation and plan updating