Succession Planning

How well prepared is your organization for an emergent or planned transition of leadership? 

Consider the following:

Executive leadership has been long-tenured with the organization and suddenly departs due to voluntary or involuntary separation (involuntary could be due to termination or a sudden health-related departure). Due to their long-tenure, a great deal of institutional knowledge will be leaving with this individual if it is not documented.

Small to mid-size non-profit organizations can ill-afford a large staff leaving minimal staff with the knowledge of how the work gets done. Is documentation in place so organizational work can be completed without the benefit of a departed employee or volunteer? Have staff or volunteers been cross-trained to cover in the event of an unplanned absence.

IGC Solutions can assist your organization identify those areas where vulnerability exits and assist with the creation of a succession plan so your board and staff are well-equipped to handle an inevitable transition.